Monday 23 February 2009


So far, I think he always keeps his secrets in his eyes,,, and exactly he wraps the truth inside his lies,, and just when I can't take what he's done to me,,, he comes to me,, and leads me back to paradise,,, I don’t know why he's so hard to hold,, too far for me to catch his breath, too many challenge in front of me,, and too little too late for me to describe about why my heart break if he ignore what I’ve done for him…But I can't let go…..
You know,, I'm a house of cards in a hurricane,,,, a reckless fire in the pouring rain,,, he cuts me and the pain is all I wanna feel,,,, he danced away just like a child,,, he drives me crazy, drives me wild,,,,,,,,,, But I'm Helpless When He Smiles,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, maybe I'd fight it if I could,,,,,, coz is too bad for me,,,,,,,, and it hurts so bad but feels so good,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he opens up just like a rose to me, when he's close to me, and anything he asked me to, I would,,,,,,,,
I know it's out of control,,,,but once again,, I can't let go,,,,,,
you know,, when he looks at me,,,, I feel,,,,, I get so weak,,,,,,,,,,,,

Who Is He ... ? ? ?

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